Open source solutions for a home security camera system


Free (almost) ways to use an old computer as your home or small business video surveillance system.

You’ll need to purchase some network cameras of course, as well as cables (unless the cameras are wireless) and then you’ll need to mount them or pay someone to mount them for you, but this software will allow you to use a computer as your DVR to record the video feeds.

Here’s a few (some not open source):

Most Promising:

Less Promising:

There are plenty more, but they are not free.

4 thoughts on “Open source solutions for a home security camera system

  1. ispyconnect is quite buggy, but it’s finally getting better.

    It nicely solved my problem (counting traffic), but I wouldn’t use it in a “serious” setting since it has a tendency to crash and malfunction.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    I’ve heard better things about zoneminder, but as with all open source software, they can be buggy and hard to use.

    I haven’t had the chance to use any of them but if I do, I’ll try to put a write-up of how well they work.

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