Gotta love AMD!!!


I’m sure that you’ve heard about Intel’s latest ‘Sandy Bridge’ chipsets, their failures, and the fact that they have been pulled from online and store-front retailers.  Well, if you’re an AMD fan like myself, take a look at this for a good laugh!,12198.html

2 thoughts on “Gotta love AMD!!!

  1. AMD needs to get busy with Fusion and get these in stores. I would love to see a netbook that did not have a POS Atom chip in it.

  2. God do I agree with you! With all of the news with the CEO leaving and two other top employees, I’m sort of scared of where they are headed though.

    I’ve seen articles on Tom’s Guide about them possibly being purchased by Dell, Qualcomm, and Samsung. All I can do is hope they are just trying to clean house to improve, not to be sold.

    All I can do is wait for bulldozer and hope for the best!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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