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What’s KiXtart

KiXtart is a free-format scripting language and has rich built-in functionality for easy scripting. It supports COM (providing access to ADSI, ADO, WMI, etc) and thus is easily extensible. Since version 4.50 KiXtart comes with inbuild pre-tokenization system for faster loading and smaller scripts and providing some level of intellectual property protection through obfuscation.

With the amazing KiXforms GUI for KiXtart, there is so little, if anything you can’t accomplish with KiXtart.
And thanks to User Defined Functions (over 600 ready to use UDF’s on korg already), there is very little you need to code by yourself as much of the complex stuff has already been coded for you!

KiXtart is developed by Ruud van Velsen of Microsoft Netherlands

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