Want your server to send an alert when something stops working?

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How to do custom alerts:

1. Use www.guidgen.com to generate a custom guid (anything will do, hit
refresh) [forget the PowerShell instructions that they give, GuidGen is

2. Take the sample code below (or attached) which is for an alert for
unexpected shut down.

Place the custom GUID you generated in 1. above and plunk that in place
of the GUID code you see right after AlertDefintion ID=

Default=1 means that it will be checked
Title is the title of the alert you want to see
Sources is the source of the event

Path — you get that by looking at the exact event in the event log
file. System log , etc.

SetEventID is the event error code you will see in the event log.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?>
<AlertDefinition ID=”896e6561-b29d-42b5-b349-a87460c8556f” Default=”1″
Title=”Unexpected Shut down” Source=”Server”>

Save this as shutdown.xml
Plop it in the custom events folder up on the server under the SBS 2008
folder up on the server.

Copy the .xml file that was created earlier in this document to the
%programfiles%\Windows Small Business
Server\Data\Monitoring\ExternalAlerts directory on the computer that is
running the Windows SBS 2008 operating system.

Restart the Windows SBS Manager service.

It won’t fire immediately but it will send an alert give or take 30 minutes.


As far as other programs, I’m also looking at eventsentry.com. They
currently have a template for SBS 2003’s.

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