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Using MDT 2010 to deploy Windows 7

Posted: 17th August 2010 by scythe944 in Computer Stuff
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When I first started looking into using Microsoft’s own deployment tools to deploy Windows 7 I have to admit that it was a bit intimidating. ┬áThere were all these tools, xml answer files, individual programs, deployment shares, .wim’s, it just got insane. I was used to the good ol’ Ghost tools that I’ve been familiar […]

Windows 7 Deployment tools

Posted: 12th July 2010 by scythe944 in Computer Stuff
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Silverlight videos from Microsoft Technet that help describe the Imaging process for Windows 7 Clients. ┬áVideos are also available in WMV format on the bottom of the page. Part 1: Preparing an Image using Sysprep and ImageX Part 2: Deployment Image and Servicing Management Part 3: Deployment Workbench in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Part 4: […]

I’ve read many things about the “Windows 7 Black Screen of Death” or “KSOD” before, but out of everything I’ve read, I’ve never seen this. Today, I was setting up one of numerous Dell Vostro 1520 Laptops with Windows 7 Professional Pre-Installed. First of all, just by turning the thing on and installing a few […]