Free Network Gateways

I’ve decided to make a short list of network gateways that home / small business users can use on their network. Untangle (I use it on both of my school networks. love it!) M0n0wall Astaro IPCop Devil-Linux Clarkconnect pfsense

and of course, there are MANY more.  You can also run the linux distro of your choice, and just run IPTables on it.  Let me remind everyone that if they are just on a small home network, without a BUNCH of computers / servers / appliances running, all of these firewalls can be a little over-the-top.

Besides the fact that you’ll probably be just using some old junky, clunky, ugly computer for this task, which has an obvious waste of good floor space, you’ll also be wasting a lot more energy than a standard off the shelf router.  I know, I know, it’s hard to be green and a geek at the same time!

Because of that, I’ll list some favorite aftermarket router software (firmware) that you can load on your home router to make it a little better than what Linksys or D-Link or whoever ships their products out with. Continue reading “Free Network Gateways”