Re-installing .NET Framework 1.1 Server 2003

I recently (up until a few minutes ago) had a problem with the .NET Framework that is built-in to Windows Server 2003.  I think the version is 1.1.4322.

What happened was, I wanted to make my other server here that was running WSUS and Sharepoint V.3 into another Domain Controller.  Bad idea.  Anyway long story short, don’t do that.

The reason being is that as many of you may already know, .NET runs under a local system account.  That being said, when a member server is promoted to a domain controller, all local accounts are removed and the .NET framework will obviously stop working.  Yes, I know there are a few work around things that you can do, like creating a weak domain login for .NET Framework, then specifying the account in the Machine.Config and setting the password, but it’s a pain in the butt because folders that .NET needs has to have their permissions reset for the new user, and every time a service pack is installed for that version of .NET, it reinstalls the Machine.config file.  Besides, you shouldn’t be running anything on your domain controller anyway, unless you have no other choice.  So, how did I screw things up?  Let me tell you. Continue reading “Re-installing .NET Framework 1.1 Server 2003”