Open source solutions for a home security camera system

Free (almost) ways to use an old computer as your home or small business video surveillance system.

You’ll need to purchase some network cameras of course, as well as cables (unless the cameras are wireless) and then you’ll need to mount them or pay someone to mount them for you, but this software will allow you to use a computer as your DVR to record the video feeds.

Here’s a few (some not open source):

Most Promising:

Less Promising:

There are plenty more, but they are not free.

End of the world, huh?

Well, I’m still alive, along with my daughter.  I’m assuming everyone else is still alive here on May 22nd. Yes, the day AFTER “the end of the world” as predicted by familyradio dot com which incidentally is down right now, probably due to all of the angry people going to their site to say they were full of shit.  I guess IT didn’t survive the Apocalypse, but that seems to be the only casualty, fortunately or unfortunately.

Unless of course, I’m one of the lucky ones that were spared, and everyone else I know is dead.  It is a quiet day.  Oh well, the TV still works. lol.

Anybody else still alive?  Leave a comment!


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Edit: Damn, someone beat me to it…