I know it's a little late…

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic
AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

2009 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

But GO PENS!!!!

Can’t believe it, honestly. But I was the proudest fan alive on Friday night!

Sid, Malkin, Fluery, Guerin, Staal, Talbot, you’re all my heroes!!!!

You guys rock.

I only wish that you could have won at home!

Can’t wait to watch you guys evolve into even better players with more experience, and hope you all stay with the Black and Gold!

Seriously, how rude is it to see Cowher in any other color? I love the man, but it’s just not right (ugh… stupid ‘Canes).

Anyway, congratulations, I know it was a very hard fight, but a well deserved victory over the ‘Wings!



Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for their 6th SuperBowl Win.
I’d like to thank our defensive line, because without them, I don’t think this would be possible.
Troy, you’re the best.

I may live in Maryland, but my heart belongs in Pittsburgh.

Go Steelers!

PS – I’d just like to add that the Arizona Cardinals should be commended for the wonderful game that they played tonight.  They came a long way, and did nothing but shock the nation by, “coming out of nowhere” to reach the superbowl this year.  I truely feel that they were great competitors and played very well.  Who wouldn’t have like to see one of the oldest teams win their first superbowl?  We’ll wait and see what you guys can bring next year, I and surely others, are looking forward to it.  Congratulations for making it this far!

What's great about being a geek AND a smoker? E-Cigarettes!

Electronic Cigarettes or “e-cigarettes” are a new and healthy way to get your nicotine fix.  They provide smokers with all of the benefits of smoking, with none of the downsides!  Essentially, “e-cigs” are an electronic cigarette powered by a battery, controlled by a microprocessor, that allows air to be passed through a heater “which is called an atomizer” that heats the liquid in a “cartridge”.  The cartridge has a “cotton-like” filter that has water, nicotine (of various strengths or no nicotine if desired) and proplyene glycol (which creates a “smoke effect” that is close to a fog machine or a cigarette).  It is (apparently) completely safe, as propylene glycol is a common food additive in many edible items.  The only thing that could be remotely “unsafe” would be the nicotine itself, which is MUCH safer than the ingredients in a real cigarette.

There’s no foul odor, stained teeth, carcinogens, or yellow finger nails.  Best of all, they’re allowed in places where regular cigs aren’t ! (of course, this is still an emerging product, and some establishments may not know about these devices, so you may have problems in places that have not yet encountered the product).

Aside from the initial investment (anywhere from $50 to $150), e-smoking, or “vaping”  can save you up to $2,000 a year, and around $25,000 after 20 years!

Check out the following resources to get you started:

http://smoke51.com/  (use coupon code: USMAG-239 for 30% off!)


http://www.epuffer.com/eshop/index.php?target=products&product_id=70 (Cheapest price for the batteries (or starter kits.  Use the code: Leaford for 5% off)

http://www.puresmoker.com/ Go with the Pocket Mini ECig, it’s cheap and reliable, and also comes in a cool black style with a blue LED for the “activity” light.  It also comes in stainless steel, white and pink outer colors, with many different LED colors if you so choose.

For great reviews, and more information about these devices, see the “unofficial” e-smoker pro, Leaford (disregard his bird and background noises, lol).  He has numerous reviews available and gives great advice.

http://www.youtube.com/dhenschel05 (I suggest the “new 5 favorites video” for people just getting into e-smoking).

Enjoy your new “healthy” smoke!

BTW, I’m ordering my first one from epuffer.com tomorrow.  I’ll let everyone know how it goes!


I have purchased the starter kits from epuffer.com and puresmoker.com, and so far, I’ve enjoyed the puresmoker.com’s DSE-901 much more.  The fact that the batteries last longer than the smoke51 style e-cigarette (loong totem style) and the fact that I can purchase liquid to charge these devices make it a much more cost effective and more pleasurable device.  If I were to suggest any e-cigarette to a new user, I would recommend the DSE-901 and a 50ml bottle of e-fluid to recharge the cartridge.  It is far more cost effective than traditional cigarettes, and cheaper than purchasing cartridges for other e-cigarettes.

However, if you’re looking for an e-cig that produces the most “smoke” then go with the smoke51 style.  It may not have as much flavor, but the amount of smoke produced is far superior to all other products on the market.

I’m also looking to start selling these devices under the domain, http://www.americanecig.com.  Hopefully I’ll get it going soon, and I hope to see many of you there once I get it started!

Again, enjoy your new “healthy” smoke!

Replacement Spa Control Systems.

I haven’t purchased one of these controllers yet, but they seem to be the best deal out there.

Not only do you get a new controller system, control pad and heater, but you also have the ability to diagnose the system just by looking at the LED’s (Lights) on the plugs, and you can mount the heater away from the actual controls! This would be wonderful for someone that has a hot-tub mounted under a deck, because you can put the controls in a place that is more accessible to you, while keeping the actual heater where it needs to be.