Windows 10 Technical Preview – Installing in VirtualBox

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Here’s a quick guide to getting Windows 10 installed in a VirtualBox.

Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO from Microsoft (x64 used in this example) or from a torrent magnet link.

Once Downloaded, open VirtualBox (try to make sure it’s up to date as well). If you don’t have it, install from here.

Create a new machine, by clicking the “New” button.

Name it whatever you’d like.  Use MS Windows as the type, and I used Server 2012 as the Version (x64). Click Next.

I used 2048MB for the Memory Size, my system has 8GB installed and 2 should be fine for this test.  Use however much you’d like, just try to keep the slider in the green. Click next.

Create a virtual hard drive, leave default. Click Create.

Leave the type at VDI, Click next.

Dynamically allocated will be faster to create, but a fixed size works better.  I left mine at Dynamically allocated. Click Next.

Type a name for the Virtual Disk that we’re installing Windows on, click the little folder icon on the right to browse to a location to store this file.  I left the default size of 25GB but use more if you want and can spare it. Click Create.

By now, you should have the machine listed with the name that you created.  Click it, then click the Settings (gear) icon.

General Tab: no changes

System Tab: Chipset should be: PIIX3
Pointing Device: USB Tablet or PS/2 Mouse should work
Enable I/OAPIC should be checked.
Processor Tab: up to you, but I left it at 1, even though I have a quad core in the host system. Check the Enable PAE/Nx box.
Acceleration: Enable VT-x/AMD-V checked as well as Enable Nested Paging

Display Tab: I gave mine some extra memory, 64MB, with a single monitor. Enabling 2D and 3D Acceleration will help.

Storage Tab: no changes

Audio Tab: no changes

Network Tab: Switch to Bridged Adapter,

No changes on any further tabs.  Click OK to save your changes, then start the VM.

It should ask what it should boot from, and you can hit the browse button to select the Windows 10 ISO that you downloaded from microsoft or torrent links.

Once complete, you should have a Windows 10 installation starting.  Have fun!

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