Alternatives for Windows Home Server (WHS)

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Just found two linux software solutions that appear to be alternatives to Microsoft’s Windows Home Server Operating System.  They look promising, although they don’t have the “automatic backup” functionality that WHS provides for its client computers.  I haven’t tried WHS yet, nor these alternatives, but if you’re looking to use something like WHS, give these a look while you’re at it.  Just check what’s included, you might be surprised!


SME Server:


ClearOS (formerly ClarkConnect): (Don’t know about this one as a WHS alternative, but I’m looking into it).  Right now, it looks more like a gateway product, much like Untangle


While looking at other things today, I inadvertently stumbled upon other software solutions that might be alternatives to WHS too.  They’re pretty much just network file storage systems (NAS’s), but one of them has other features such as IP Camera support (security cameras), Mobile access and apps for, you guessed it, iPhone and Android, and a bunch of other features. It’s called Synology, and they seem to only sell the hardware and isn’t free like some of the others.

FreeNAS: (I’ve written about this one before).


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