Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for their 6th SuperBowl Win.
I’d like to thank our defensive line, because without them, I don’t think this would be possible.
Troy, you’re the best.

I may live in Maryland, but my heart belongs in Pittsburgh.

Go Steelers!

PS – I’d just like to add that the Arizona Cardinals should be commended for the wonderful game that they played tonight.  They came a long way, and did nothing but shock the nation by, “coming out of nowhere” to reach the superbowl this year.  I truely feel that they were great competitors and played very well.  Who wouldn’t have like to see one of the oldest teams win their first superbowl?  We’ll wait and see what you guys can bring next year, I and surely others, are looking forward to it.  Congratulations for making it this far!

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