Empty Temporary Internet Files via Group Policy

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Hopefully, this will help someone else out that has this problem.

I was trying to find a way to clear out the temporary internet files of every user on every computer in a lab that I manage (read: 30 computers with 30+ profiles on each = nightmare), and could only find the setting that pertained to Windows 2003 with IE6.

As I looked around, I finally found something called, “Preference Mode” that showed some more advanced settings for IE.

When you create a New Group Policy Object, expand:

User Configuration > Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance. Right-Click Internet Explorer Maintenance and click “Preference Mode.”

Then, you can go to Advanced > Internet Settings > Advanced Settings.

Once in there, look for “Deleted Saved pages when browser is closed” and check that. Now I know that it says, “Saved pages”, and I’m still unsure if that will remove absolutely everything (still testing), but I know that it should get rid of some, and it’s the closest thing that I’ve found to control XP and Vista Machine’s IE Temp files. There are other settings in there that you can play around with too.

I’ll update as soon as I figure out if it works properly…


As far as I can tell, the “Deleted Saved pages when browser is closed” setting is the same setting as “Empty Temporary Internet files when browser is closed” in Internet explorer.  Whenever I have this policy in place, and look at the internet options in IE, that setting is checked off, and grayed out so no one can un-check it.  So, it would appear that this works.


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