6 thoughts on “Really good free HelpDesk Software

  1. Caveat: Their Tech Support is a bit “overseas-tricky”.

    We went with the Web Help Desk Software (http://www.webhelpdesk.com) It’s cross-platform and runs on our Mac OS X server. They have a Linux installer too.

    My rep there told me that they were coming out with a Lite version and a free version soon.

    Worth a look-see 🙂 We love it!


  2. Thanks for that info Paul. I haven’t called their tech support yet (hopefully I’ll never have to! If it’s just as bad as Dell’s, I’ll switch to Web Help Desk in a heartbeat!). The Web Help Desk Software that you suggested looks polished and promising, and I like the diverse platform availability, as well as the hosted service option.

    Hopefully, they’ll release the free version soon… That’s pretty much the only reason that I like the other software (keep in mind that I’ve only used it for about 30 mins total so far). The companies that I work for are somewhat stingy when it comes to buying more software, and when it’s something that benefits me more than anyone else (or so they think), they’re more than likely to be against putting out the money for it. Free software however, is always accepted… 🙂

    Again, thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated!

  3. Sometimes I just don’t get companies. 😉 “No, let’s not invest a small amount on a piece of help desk software that will let our guys be twice as productive. …we don’t need no stinking instant ROI.”

    Whadayado? 🙂

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