How to deploy Office 2007 File Converters to your entire domain using Group Policy

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I ran into a few hiccups trying to get the Office 2007 Format Converters installed on every machine in a few of my domains, so I decided to do a write-up on how to get them installed.

First, start by downloading the executable from Microsoft, located here:

After you have them downloaded, you’ll want to create a network share, where you’ll put the format converters and all of the computers will be able to access them.

After you have created the share (ex. \\server1\Fileconverters\”) make sure that the file (not share) permissions have been setup so that the, “Authenticated Users” have read and execute permissions.

Now, going back to our FileFormatConverters.exe, (you can do this step from any PC on the domain) you will want to copy the file to your “C:\” just to make this easy.  Open up a command prompt window (windows key + R and type, “cmd”) and type “fileformatconverters.exe /extract:\\server1\fileconverters\” (Replacing \\server1\fileconverters\ with the share name that you have setup).

The executable will run, and you will then have a few files in that share.  One of which, is the MSI file that we need to install this on all computers (the complete list of files that you should have is here: Catalog (folder),, README.HTM, O12Conv.msi).

Now, the only thing that you need to do is open up Group Policy Management Console by hitting the Windows Key and r on your keyboard and typing “gpmc.msc” and pressing enter (if you get an error, you don’t have the management console installed, and you can either search google and find it, remote into your server and run it from there).

Once in the management console, you’re going to expand the forest, domains, and get to your domain name.  Right-Click your domain name, and click, “Create and Link a GPO Here..”

It will ask you what name you want it to be, call it whatever, but I suggest, “Office 2K7 File Converter Installation.”

It will then appear in the list of GPO’s.  Right-click it, and click, “Edit.”

Once you are editing that GPO, expand, “Computer Configuration” then, “Software Settings”, then right-click, “Software Installation” and click, “New Package.”

You will then browse through the network to find your, “\\server1\fileconverters\” folder.  Double-Click on the O12Conv.msi file.

Make sure it’s, “Assigned” and click ok.

After that, all you have to do is have your users re-boot their machines.  Upon restart, the software will install on the computer “automagically.”  You can also remove the software by using Group Policy as well, but that’s for a different article, or Google.

Have fun!

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