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I’ve just downloaded the new browser called “Chrome” from Google, and I’ve found that it’s a pretty cool little browser.

Of course, it has the powerful built-in search capabilities from Google, but I also like the fact that it’s lightweight, fast, clean, and extremely simple.

I’ve already found a few cool tricks, such as, “ctrl + shift + n” will open a new page in “Incognito mode” which hides your history, dowloads, and cookies, and removes them once you close the browser.  I’ve also found that you can click onto a tab, and literally drag it to another part of your screen to open up a new window with that tab!  You can also drag a tab from one window to another to make it a part of that window.

So far, I like the way that this is going.  If they add mouse gestures like Avant Browser, and maybe (don’t really care about this one) themes, it may just turn out to be my favorite browser yet…

I’m sure that Google has a lot more ideas for this browser, and I just hope it doesn’t become an advertisement nightmare, like AOL’s software.  I have a feeling that they’ll keep with their original simplistic designt though, which is encouraging.

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