Slipstream Windows XP SP3 RC1 into Windows XP with SP2 CD

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After slipstreamed and installed afresh, the version is Windows XP SP3 v.3244

Step-by-step guide

1. Create a folder on your c: drive – c:\xpsp3

2. Insert the Windows XP with SP2 CD, copy all folders and files to c:\xpsp3

3. Download and execute, windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu-RC1.exe /integrate:c:\xpsp3

4. The Service Pack 3 RC1 has now been integrated into your Windows XP with SP2 CD in c:\xpsp3.

5. You can either burn the contents of the folder c:\xpsp3 to an ISO file for burning into CD
cdimage -lWXPSP3RC1 -bC:\XPBOOT.BIN -t12/27/2007;22:00:00 -g -h -j1 -o -oc -oi -yd -m C:\XPSP3 C:\WXPSP3RC1.ISO

Tools Required (I’m hosting the files for you)



3. windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu-RC1.exe (free from Microsoft)

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I just did this with a windows 2000 server slipstream too.

You just need to use the old method of slipstreaming (extract the service pack, then integrate the files).  Once that’s done, you can use the same CDIMAGE program to create a bootable ISO.  However, you’ll need to modify the string, like so:

cdimage -lW2KAVSP4 -bC:\BOOT.BIN -t05/13/2009;10:00:00 -g -h -j1 -o -oc -oi -yd -m C:\Win2k C:\W2KAVSP4.ISO

You’ll also need the windows 2000 boot.bin file (hosting it for you).

Happy slipstreaming!

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