Streaming devices on a local network with no internet

Which ones work?  I aim to find out…

Recently, I attempted to configure a roku streaming stick on a local wireless network while a plex server was configured on the same local network, only hard-wired.

The end result was that the roku stick was unable to see the plex server, even after manually entering the IP address of the server, making sure that the port was correct and disabling the windows firewall.

I might also state that this was with a Dell Optiplex 780 and a fresh install of Windows 10 with the anniversary update applied (are we supposed to call it Win 10 Anniversary edition or something?).

This is for a family member that has some income issues and do not have internet service at their house.  I figured I could either configure their router to connect to a neighbor’s wifi and repeat it with DD-WRT sofware, or I could just setup a wireless network and connect all devices to that same network.

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Dual booting with Windows 10 and Windows 7 on two separate HDD’s?

If so, then you might be seeing this error in your systems notification panel on your Windows 10 installation:


The solution can be found here:

It involves disabling fast startup.  Once disabled, this error should go away on its own.  If you have an SSD drive, then performance is usually not effecting in any sort of measurable way.

Windows 10 Technical Preview – Installing in VirtualBox

Here’s a quick guide to getting Windows 10 installed in a VirtualBox.

Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO from Microsoft (x64 used in this example) or from a torrent magnet link.

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