USPS Informed Delivery

I was just recently notified by USPS that they were rolling out a feature that allows you to see scanned images of every piece of mail that is delivered to you each day.  It’s pretty handy, and also lets you know tracking status of all of your Amazon packages being delivered as well ūüôā

The mobile app works reasonably well and also allows you to see the images of all your mail.

Give it a try here: if it sounds like something that would be useful to you.  I already have accounts with UPS and Fedex that does the same thing for package tracking information, only without the pictures.


Dual booting with Windows 10 and Windows 7 on two separate HDD’s?

If so, then you might be seeing this error in your systems notification panel on your Windows 10 installation:


The solution can be found here:

It involves disabling fast startup.  Once disabled, this error should go away on its own.  If you have an SSD drive, then performance is usually not effected in any sort of measurable way.

Windows 10 Technical Preview – Installing in VirtualBox

Here’s a quick guide to getting Windows 10 installed in a VirtualBox.

Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO from Microsoft (x64 used in this example) or from a torrent magnet link.

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Rokoding 480p DVD Settings

This is originally from ¬†Their website is currently having some issues and I found a copy. ¬†If anyone else needs these settings, they’re here! ¬†Alternatively, maybe give the guy some money to pay for dedicated hosting. ¬†I’m going to try to do so as soon as I can.

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